Student Answers: Cap and Trade Socrative

Describe the major benefit and liability of cap and trade.

 Collin Cap and trade sets limits to how much we can pollute. Businesses can buy the amount of credits they need so its a personalized system. Because you can buy credits, big companies will buy all the credits they need so they dont have to change the amount they are polluting. 

McKee, Andrew Some major benefits of Cap and Trade are that over 147 million tons of grenhouse gasses will be eliminated, acid rain'll disappear, we'd be preserving rainforests, and that the free market controls the pace of change. Some cons include free permits/unforseen details, low enforceabiliy, and the government would be very heavy handed. 

Erickson, Abram One major benefit of Cap and Trade is that the government sets the amount for carbon emissions and will collect money throughout the process, which they caould then infuse into renewable energy research. A major liability is that it will be hard to enforce, government will play too big of a role, and there isnĀ“t much of a decrease in emissions, it just redistributes who is polluting. 

Lou It would cut more air pollution than any other law. It would make companies use clean energies. 

Dandron, Joe A major benefit of cap and trade is that by 2050 we can cut emissions by 83% but that will take time and a liability of this system would be hard to cut emissions quickly because many companies would just buy excess emissions and it would simply take those emissions one place and move them somewhere else but its all still going into the atmosphere 

Rice, Brandi The benefits of C&T are that we could remove up to 147 million tons of Greenhouse Gases by 2020, or 83% by 2050. C&T is support by majaor organizations and can help businesses and factories find better ways to cut their pollutions. The major downfalls of this would be that there is no market yet for the permits that will be sold by businesses and facotries. The biggest companies could over take this idea also. 

Devin Roesler Major benefits of cap and trade include an individual flexability and it is more realistic to pass than a new tax. Some liabilities include the uncertanty of the markets and it is a complex system where the wealthy might be able to make alot of money off of it. 

Elliot Kennedy The major benefit of cap and trade would have to be limiting and reducing Carbon emissions. Renewable energies will be on the rise as smart companies turn to better energy resources. Another good thing about cap and trade is that if a company emits more than there share of carbon then they will have consequences.

 Koetje, Kyle The major benefit of cap and trade is that it sets a maximum limit of pollution that is allowed to happen whichj can cut down a lot of carbon emmisions very quickly. There are also liability issues like regulation and enforcibility, people may try to scam the system and say they are cutting carbon but actually not and still sell their carbon polllution tickets. 

Buchberger, Jacob Page 1 of 3 The major benefit of cap and trade is that it will set firm limits on emissions. It will help stop and put a cap on emissions, telling how much greenhouse gases you can emit. They trade is that companies can trade to other companies to gain money.

 Armstrong, Sierra In the long run it is effective, but there are many skeptics to it.There is a cuase of low income to be affected as well as if they arent hit already. 

Bobian, Andrew Cap and trade could be used to lower carbon emissions effectively by setting firm limits on carbon output. Businesses could also make profit by selling their extra carbon permits, therefore giving incentive to cut emissions. However, the prices for permits would fluctuate, adding extra risk. Many businesses would shift increased costs to consumers, therefore increasing the price of goods and services. 

caleb the benifits are that we have california using this method and its been working quite well. and that is will work like the stock market so the government does not to need to hve a hand in that part. liabilitys are low income would be affected 

Sonya The major benefit of Cap and Trade is the firm limits that can be set and achieved, as we can also see emissions greatly increased by 2050. The downside of this idea is that many big, wealthly countries can lie about how much Carbon is being released into the air and it would be difficult to keep track of the emissions. 

Berg, Robbie A major benefit of cap and trade is that since the limits set on emissions are firm the amount of carbon emmissions released will decrease. A major liability though is since it is so flexible to each industry the companies tht cut down their emissions a lot can sell their excess permits, which isn't necesarrily cutting down at all it just someone else doing the pollution. 

Jancek, Chase Cap and trade provides many oppurtunities for entrepreneurs and saves companies money. It will cut carbon emissions in the long run and it sets a firm limit on the amount emissions allowed so we know exactly what were putting out. The drawbacks of cap and trade are that the government has the posibilites to set unrealistic expectations and it is hard to educate the public on it. 

Olson, Anna A major benefit of cap and trade is that it will cut carbon emissions by 83% by 2050. The major liability is that companies that cut their emssions can sell their permits to other companies and the carbon will still be released. So the big companies just make a profit on it. Tatum The benefits of cap and trade and that there are firm limits on the emissions that can be put out into the atmosphere and that have a flexability to where companies can sell their emissions so that they can make a profit and the others can produce more. But the companies are liable to ake sure they do not over extend their limits or to sell emissoins that they dont have and can go past the limits set.

 Brandon Vanderleest one of the benefits of cap and trade is that some companies will be able to cut carbon emissins faster so the companies that cant can buy there permits from the compabies that have reduced theirs, but on the down side the market for the permits is unpredictable and is like the stock market, so you cannot plan a budget for the year. 

Davis, Danny Page 2 of 3 SOme of the benefits of Cap and Trade would consist of the demand for clean energy increasing, a profit for "smart" companies, and the thousands of companies that would, over time, convert to a cleaner, greener energy source. Cap and Trade is projected to cut carbon emissions over the long term. Some of the liabilities for it, however, would consist of the business end of it. Cap and Trade opens up an opportunity for large corporations to either say they've changed, and not really do anything about it. It also makes it so that the carbon isn't slowed, just focused in certain areas.

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