Why would climate change impact the developing world much more severely than the developed world? List a number of factors 

Jancek, Chase Because they cant afford the results of climate change on their country while the developed world can. It all comes down to who has the money and who can pay for prevention and damage control. Developing countries on the coast have no way to prevent ocean levels rising They are not as educated on how to prevent it and how to deal with it Lack sufficient infrastructure and medical resources 

Erickson, Abram The developed world has more money and can pay for damages easier. Many developing countries are mainly agricultural, so they won be able to withstand the droughts and floods. The developing world´s infrastructure isn´t prepared for the severe storms they could face from climate change. The developing world is more densely populated, which will be bad when extreme weather comes

 Lynn, Tatum No stability No plan of action No foundation of money Relying on older methods rather than new tech Caring about their nation more than the world as a whole rely more on buisenesses rather than the people for money not going to be able to adapt to the changes

 koetje,kyle -The developing countries dont have enough wealth to deal with the problems -they dont have the resources to rebuild as easily from storms -if flooding makes them lose farmland they wont have anywhere to grow food 

Vanderleest Brandon thej developed world can pay do it. the developing world will be hurt becasue of it, because their main industry is farming, and they wont be able to bounce back from a flood or drought as well as a deveoped country would be able to. the developing countries infrasructure wont be able to hold up to storms as well. 

Elliot The developing world doesn't have the resources to rebuild their cities or fight climate change. Most developing countries are on the coasts and and are very densely populated. Workers are sent to developing countries for cheap labor. Warming temperatures causing workers to take more breaks.

 Devin Roesler Allocation of resources Poor infrastructure Less medical resources Geographical location Not a major concern 

Berg, Robbie Page 1 of 3 climate change affects agriculture, won't have a stable crop to depend on they dont have money to help with the aftermath of super storms production costs for business's will go up and they dont have the financial backing to help stay in it climate change could affect the job growth and it could also eliminate jobs other countries wont want to ally with them if they can be destroyed by super storms constantly it would cost the other country money too 

sierra armstrong The developing world struggles on providng already and their main source is agriculture, so if they get a flood then there goes their food source as well as job to provide for their families. They also arent as developed so they will struggle with natural disaters more as far as getting back on their feet. 

Rice, Brandi - Other countries focus more on agricultural crops rather than other things - If there is a storm or natural disater they can not help themselves - Businesses could be effected because if they don´t have the finacial backup to help themselves in any life crisis - The lost of jobs for many people could happen if something in the climate changed - Other countries wouldn´t want to partner with them if they arent strong with their government 

Bobian, Andrew Allocation of resources Poor infrastructure Lack of medical resources Geographical location Not a major concern for some developing nations 

Davis, Danny The developing countries won't have enough wealth to combat the changes in climate. They don't have enough resources to rebuild after superstorms. If they lose their farmland they won't have a way to get food.

 Buchberger, Jacob Allication of resources poor infrastructure Less medical resources Geographical location Not a major concern collin Developed worlds can pay for it Developing worlds rely a lot on farming, which can be hurt by changes in climate Developing worlds infrastructure isnt as good as ours caleb because they cant afford the to prevent the effects cant afford medical they are along the water there are alot of people in devloping worlds poluting the air without having the money to fix poor infustr 

Sonya No stabability No plan No foundation of money Rely on older methods Don't have newer technology Caring more about their nation than the world Rely on bigger businesses rather than individual people Can't adapt as quickly olson,anna Page 2 of 3 The developed world has the money to offset costs of damage from flooding and super storms. The developing world is still trying to build itself up, so when tragedy strikes, they don't have to structures to protect themselves, or the money to help rebuild their infrastructure. Also, the agriculture to both worlds gets effected, but it hurts the developing world because they need a food supply and the jobs. andrew - less money to rebuild if storms hit. - probably rely on agriculture a bit moar, so if hit by storms it could destroy them.

 Dandron, Joe -They wont have the resources or funds to rebuild as easily if theyre hit wuth hurricanes and other natural disasters -Under developed countries who are dependent on agriculture will be heavilt affected -Those who dont have access to clean water wont be bale to get it as easily with droughts

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