Digital Footprint Reflection Dropbox

1.  Writing Reflection:  Write a paragraph (5-6 sentences minimum) answering the questions below:

Q1  When do you think your Digital Imprint began?  (You may want to ask your parents about when they began posting information about you online.)

Q2  Go to Google and do a search for "Barack Obama" , then Google yourself  ( "your first and last name and hometown" i.e.  "John Smith Grand Rapids").  Use Quotation Marks " " for a more accurate search.  What are your findings?  Is the information accurate about Barack Obama and how about the information about yourself?    

Q3  Think about the specific "footprints" or information you leave behind on the sites on your map (such as what you viewed, typed, or accessed).  If this was the only information someone had about you, what would they think about you? What assumptions would they make about your habits & behaviors?

Q4  What does your web presence say about you?